The rain forests are indisputably among the most fascinating and mysterious regions of our planet. They are vitally necessary for all of us and yet still very much at risk. Illegal coca cultivation leads to massive erosion, and weed killers such as Agent Orange cause massive environmental pollution. The rain forests are an inexhaustible reservoir of medicinal and useful plants, which still await their discovery.
Peru is among the countries with a huge genetic diversity. There are approximately 20,000 species of higher plants. This is around 10% of worldwide occurrence. Approximately 5,500 species are endemic, they are found only in Peru. So it’s great that state-funded programs are called into life on the sustainable cultivation of which benefit both the people and the nature. This is also the case with Sacha Inchik. The cultivation is done by socio-economic and sustainable management of the rainforest.
By buying of BERGOLIO Sacha Inchik products you are helping to protect the rainforest.