Various high-priced cosmetic brands have discovered the Sacha Inchik oil as an ingredient for exclusive cosmetic products for the care of inflammatory and dry Skin. The alpha-linolenic acid effects:
  • strong cell-regenerating
  • activates the cells
  • supports fluidizing cell membranes
  • increases skin elasticity
With other words: it’s the perfect Anti-Aging-Oil! Sacha Inchik also maintains and supports your skin in the defense of UV rays. Sacha Inchik helps to regenerate the skin after sunbathing.
Sacha Inchik has a very high content of the two antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E. Both are indispensable ingredients for skin care.
Sacha Inchik is a wonderful means for the care of your hair. It strengthens your hair and gives him a splendid glow.
Add Sacha Inchik oil to your (natural) cosmetic products and you will be amazed!