Sacha Inchik (Sacha Inchi, Inca-Inchi, Inca-Nut) is an herbaceous vine of the family euphorbiaceous (Plukenetia volubilis). It thrives best in the Peruvian rain forests of the Amazon region between 500 to 1500 m altitude, where it is called “Sacha Inchik”. This term is used to describe it as an exclusive fruit from Peru. Sacha Inchik is in terms of nutritional values one of the most valuable sources of food for humans: it is rich in protein and contains up to 50% of Omega 3! Not for nothing, for example, the Sacha Inchik oil is often referred to as the best oil in the world. On this page, you will also find a lot more advantages of Sacha Inchik!